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Future Ready
The creation of the Advanced Technology Research Council marks a turning point for Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We now have a unique opportunity to consolidate our efforts across the entire national technology ecosystem – from strategy and investment to research and application – to deliver breakthroughs with global impact.

Throughout 2020, we have made significant strides to transform Abu Dhabi and the UAE into a global innovation hub. We have set about building a home for technology talent from around the world while creating pathways for local talent to join us on this journey of discovery.

Our key objectives Cultivating a Collaborative Scientific Community

Position Abu Dhabi as a world-leading R&D hub by attracting & retaining global talent in priority research areas.

Create a dynamic R&D ecosystem that provides opportunities and solves tomorrow’s challenges today.

Attract national research talent and support its development across the R&D ecosystem.

Contribute to Abu Dhabi’s knowledge economy through commercialization of R&D outputs locally & globally.

Develop local & global partnerships that reinforce social & economic impact.