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About VentureOne

VentureOne is the commercialization arm of Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), the overarching entity mandated to shape Abu Dhabi’s advanced technology R&D ecosystem and drive the research priorities of the UAE. ATRC oversees the activities of Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) applied technology research centers and ASPIRE’s technology program management activities, with VentureOne serving as the bridge between research pursuits and commercial engagements.

The entity will boost the market viability of ATRC’s research breakthroughs to ensure that they find mainstream traction and uptake. VentureOne fast tracks go-to-market research innovations developed within the ATRC umbrella and accelerates market access for transformative research solutions. In doing so, it helps monetize intellectual property generated at TII’s niche research centers, while attracting venture capital and other sources of investment funding to support vetted hi-tech startups in Abu Dhabi.

VentureOne will serve as an incubator to help nurture promising startups until they attain the early- or growth-stage and demonstrate the ability to either license or outright sell their products and services to an expanding portfolio of clients across sectors.

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